• product name:All aluminum alloy laser protection room
  • category:Laser protection
  • Brand:tg-amt
  • manufacturer:tg-amt
  • use:Effectively ensure that personnel work safely outside the laser room
  • major client:Volkswagen, GM, Changan, Geely
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According to the danger level of the laser to the human body, the safety level of the laser is divided into 1 to 4 levels. All laser processing equipment must meet the requirements of Class 1 laser safety standards, that is, the laser radiation amount is less than 0.39 milliwatts. Therefore, as the main protective body of laser processing, laser protection room is very important!

The laser protection room is generally composed of a metal room, maintenance door, mobile door, smoke and dust removal, etc. Before the laser equipment is operated, all maintenance doors and safety doors must be closed to form a reliable safety circuit to prevent the laser from escaping. The metal wall adopts double-layer aluminum alloy profiles, which has the characteristics of good laser protection performance, modular and convenient installation, beautiful appearance, etc., which effectively guarantees the safe production operations of personnel outside the laser room.

The same high-tech laser protection room products meet the safety standards of major mainstream manufacturers at home and abroad. Cumulative delivery of more than 100 sets has become the first high-quality safety protection product for Volkswagen, General Motors, Changan, Geely and other customers.


Ø 模块化专利设计,多达18种结构型材,易于安装拆卸

Ø 铝合金型材表面阳极氧化处理,易于清洁维护,且美观大方

Ø 特有的双面卡槽设计,便于内外墙体上小型设备的安装

Ø 双层80mm、单层3mm双层结构,最高可满足10000W激光安全防护

Ø 稳定的模块结构,无需内部钢结构支撑,降低成本(宽边<5米)

Ø 模块及整站均经过德国莱茵TUV认证,符合EN60825安全体系

Ø 可按照客户不同需求,进行定制化设计及服务

Ø 激光专业团队,可为客户提供专业技术及方案支持





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