• product name:Laser protective roller shutter door LPRD
  • category:Laser protection
  • Brand:tg-amt
  • manufacturer:tg-amt
  • use:Automatic laser protection device
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According to the danger level of the laser to the human body, the safety level of the laser is divided into 1 to 4 levels. All laser processing equipment must meet the requirements of Class 1 laser safety standards, that is, the laser radiation amount is less than 0.39 milliwatts. The laser protection roller shutter door is an important part of the realization of the laser automatic processing program, especially in the human-machine interactive operation, which is very important for the safety of laser and machinery!

Laser Protection Rolling Door LPRD-1.0 (Laser Protection Rolling Door) is a set of fully automatic laser protection device independently researched and developed with high technology. The patented double-layer aluminum alloy profile has good protection performance and is lightweight and beautiful. It is suitable for confined spaces The installation and use of the environment can not only protect the laser safety, but also protect the safe operation of ergonomics to the maximum extent.

As an important part of the laser room, it provides the best protection for people and machines. The laser hazard can be completely isolated in the production stage, and the fast and efficient switching makes the working cycle unimpeded. It can be turned on and off in a few seconds, effectively protecting personnel from industrial hazards such as lasers and machinery.



Ø 产品经受过百万次疲劳测试,安全可靠

Ø 全铝合金双层结构设计,轻便美观

Ø 人机产品配备随行光电和安全气囊双重安全监测,确保人机安全

Ø 产品符合EN-ISO-13849-1和EN-62061的电气元器件标准

Ø 产品经TUV莱茵测试,符合EN 60825-4: 2011+A2:2016 Annex D激光防护等级

Ø 配备伺服高转速电机,每分钟最大开合5次以上,开合速度可达1.5m/s

Ø 产品长宽尺寸可根据客户需求进行定制化设计

Ø 配套使用FEIG德国伺服控制系统,稳定高效

Ø 产品一体化模块设计,降低对现场安装环境要求,易于安装拆卸

Ø 激光专业团队,可为客户提供专业技术及方案支持



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